Urgent Care

Urgent care is a critical aspect of the medical field. Thanks to physicians in this area, you get timely medical attention. However, did you know that there are numerous background processes that ensure every step flows smoothly? This is what we do at Peregrine Healthcare. We ensure physicians have everything they need to attend to patients effectively. Our roles include the provision of tools such as web-based reporting and facilitating ICD-9 to ICD-10 transition.

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Unmatched Marketing Capabilities

Having worked with numerous urgent care physicians over the years we understand the importance of great marketing and what it takes to generate tangible results. We will help you reach the intended audience and attract the right kind of clients to your urgent care practice.

Web-Based Reporting

Our web-based reporting tool is one of the handiest tools for any urgent care physician. Why? It provides access to critical information that helps in the medical practice decision-making process. Furthermore, our reporting tools facilitate measuring the efficiency of hospital departments as well as implemented policies. Contact us today!

ICD-10 Transition

Are you yet to transition to ICD 10? If so, don’t be left out. Contact us today and let us help you experience a seamless transition to ICD-10.

ICD 10 Information and Updates

Get in touch with us and let us keep you informed concerning ICD-10, training, and any other information in the field.

Hospital and Payer Contracting

With our extensive experience in the medical field, we are the ideal candidate to help you optimize hospital and payer contracts. The benefit? Improved reimbursement, of course! Our team of experts will carefully analyze your payer contracts and ensure no money is left at the table. Rest assured, our services will ensure you are reimbursed in a timely manner for your hard work.

Stakeholder Feedback

Are you in the market looking for an appealing survey program for your stakeholders? Peregrine Healthcare offers state-of-the-art solutions to help monitor your stakeholder satisfaction levels. With us, you get to know just how successful you are and look for ways of boosting your success rate.

As an urgent care physician, working with us will let you focus on your patients while we handle the rest. Contact us today!