Peregrine Healthcare specializes in ensuring every anesthesiologist’s needs regarding their practice are met. We strive to present patient data in an easy-to-read format. In simple terms, Peregrine Healthcare is your ideal go-to guy for all your practice needs. Contact us today!

At Peregrine Healthcare, we have designed our services to help you deal with the business side of anesthesiology. From stakeholder feedback to essential business intelligence, you get to reduce operational expenses and boost revenue. Get on board today!

Anesthesia OS

Our Anesthesia Information Management System is designed with the sole purpose of streamlining optimal care delivery and improving processes. Below are some of the outstanding features that make it a must-have tool for any anesthesiologist focused on boosting service offered to patients:

  • The system is designed with anesthesiologists in mind.
  • Therefore, it boosts the point of care instead of controlling it, which benefits both the patient and the provider.
  • Records cases in real-time to shorten decision-making time.
  • It is ICD-10 compliant.
  • Accommodates a web portal.

Stakeholder Feedback

Feedback has long been a vital tool to achieve business success. This is because knowing how satisfied your customers are can help you understand which aspects you need to improve and boost customer satisfaction. The same applies to anesthesiologists. By learning how happy your stakeholders are, you can devise strategies for promoting service delivery. Thanks to Peregrine Healthcare, you can use our research platform and get to know just how pleased your stakeholders are.

ICD 10 Transition

Have you fully transitioned from ICD 9 TO ICD 10? If not, then Peregrine Healthcare is here to help you. ICD 10 has a significant impact on revenue cycle billing and coding. Visit us today and find out how we can help you transition.

Peregrine Healthcare is the ideal software provider for anesthesiologists seeking to boost their service delivery and revenue collection systems. Ready to try out our services? Contact us today.