Hospitalists perform some of the most critical operations in medical facilities. For example, they ensure that the patient is well cared for when the primary care physician is unavailable. Unfortunately, reimbursement for these professionals can be complicated in cases of poor coding and billing procedures.

Peregrine Healthcare provides efficient solutions to ensure that Hospitalists are well compensated for the critical work they do. Are you a hospitalist seeking to boost your financial income using state-of-the-art software? Contact Peregrine Healthcare today!

We are a company that deals with the business aspect of hospitalist services. We have designed various software that help in stakeholder feedback, business intelligence, and reducing operational expenses while increasing financial goals. In summary, we are here to ensure that hospitalists reach their financial goals.

Stakeholder Feedback

As a hospitalist, you ensure that patients are well cared for in the absence of the primary care provider. A key element to the success of your work is stakeholder satisfaction. Luckily, we understand the essential nature of feedback and have designed tools that can help you monitor the patient, referring physician, and other stakeholders’ satisfaction levels.

ICD-10 Transition

ICD 9 has since been replaced by ICD-10. The deadline may have recently passed but have you fully transitioned? Contact Peregrine Healthcare today and find out just how you can fully migrate to ICD10.

Web-Based Reporting

A hospitalist needs quick access to critical data necessary to the health of the patients. Peregrine Healthcare provides easy-to-use web-based reporting tools that provide data such as aging and trends. This way, you can always stay informed while overseeing your client’s health.

EHR Experience and Expertise

Having worked in the healthcare field for a long time, we have garnered more than enough experience making us the ideal company to partner with for all your business-related needs. We can help you select an EHR system to satisfy all your needs.

Contact Peregrine Healthcare today! We will help take your hospitalist practice to the next level using services such as ICD-10 transition and EHR systems.