EHR Systems

At Peregrine Healthcare, we have experienced experts who are the perfect fit to help you select a suitable EHR system for all your practice needs. Our robust software packages are designed to offer maximum benefit while capitalizing on efficiency. Contact Peregrine Healthcare today and let us help you chart a path towards EHR system success. Peregrine has been reselling EHR systems for years on end. Some of the packages we offer include eClinicalWorks, NextGen, and Allscripts. These are some of the most robust EHR software packages on the market today. Having repeatedly withstood the test of time, we only recommend EHR tools with a proven track record of helping clinics like yours succeed.

At Peregrine Healthcare, we understand that not every practice is the same. Every specialist has unique needs that need to be met. With this in mind, every solution we offer is customizable to satisfy a wide selection of healthcare providers. Our packages allow you to focus on delivering high-quality medical care while boosting revenue and operational efficiency.

Below are some of the features that make us stand apart from our competitors:

Anesthesia Specific Systems

Our anesthesia-specific system might just be perfect for your practice. Some of its features include:

  • Quality Assurance
  • Compliance
  • Risk management
  • Improved patient care and safety

ICD-10 Transition

Our EHR solutions are all ICD-10 ready, meaning you get to experience a smooth and seamless transition.

Our experts can work with your system.

Our experts at Peregrine Healthcare are trained to handle almost any EHR System, including but not limited to CPU Medical Management Systems, SequelMed, and Centricity.

Flexible EHR System Management

By working with Peregrine Healthcare, you can quickly move from one EHR system to another without having to sacrifice time and resources. What’s more, different departments in your practice can use varied EHR/PM solutions seamlessly.

Interfaces & EDI

Through our Health Information Exchange Platform, we can handle all your data without any hitches. Below are some of the EDI features:

  • It can handle data between several various databases.
  • Support for HL-7 and other interfaces.

Are you ready to take your EHR experience to the next level? Contact Peregrine Healthcare today.