At Peregrine, we believe time is our most valuable asset. We take pride in knowing the services we provide give our clients back their time. Time for their patients; time for their friends and families; and time for themselves. Peregrine has brought together a team of experienced professionals who have worked in hospitals, health plans, practice management firms and various sizes of medical practices and healthcare entities. As the professional extension of our client’s practices, we work together to create positive outcomes, overall growth and client value in an ever-changing healthcare environment.

Our Time-Saving Services

Audit Protection

As a healthcare provider, protecting your practice is critical to ensure business continuity. At Peregrine Healthcare, we are devoted to ensuring the success of your business through effective audit protection services…


Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management is considered to be the backbone of the healthcare revenue cycle. It ensures that healthcare providers are reimbursed for the services they offer to patients. Furthermore, electronic billing promises…



Are you a medical practitioner seeking to streamline your services and increase reimbursement? Welcome to Peregrine Healthcare, your one-stop shop for top-notch medical coding solutions. With experience spanning multiple years… READ MORE →


A careless contracting strategy may lead to a loss of revenue. At Peregrine Healthcare, we understand that a contracting system is crucial to the health of any practice. At the same time, we know you are more occupied with attending…


EHR Systems

At Peregrine Healthcare, we have experienced experts who are the perfect fit to help you select a suitable EHR system for all your practice needs. Our robust software packages are designed to offer maximum benefit while…


Hospital-Based Care

Today’s healthcare industry comprises specialists with different roles, all designed to provide the best possible patient care. At Peregrine Healthcare, we understand there is a business to medicine as well…



Peregrine Healthcare specializes in ensuring every anaesthesiologists’ needs regarding their practice are met. We strive to present patient data in an easy-to-read format. In simple terms, Peregrine Healthcare is your ideal go…


Emergency Medicine

Are you an emergency medicine specialist seeking to increase your income and boost service efficiency using a range of automated procedures? If so, then welcome to Peregrine Healthcare, your one-stop-shop for emergencies…



Hospitalists perform some of the most critical operations in medical facilities. For example, they ensure that the patient is well cared for when the primary care physician is unavailable. Unfortunately, reimbursement for…



At Peregrine Healthcare, we help radiologists deal with the business aspect of their practice. We employ different suites of tools to improve service delivery and boost revenue collection. With our experience spanning…


Practice Management

Practice management is critical to the success of any hospital or clinic. However, getting the time to manage your practice while dealing with patients effectively can turn out to be a tiresome affair. This is what we do at Peregrine Healthcare..


Information Systems

As a healthcare provider, data is of critical importance to your practice. It provides a holistic view of your patient history and allows you to make essential business decisions. With this in mind, Peregrine Healthcare understands…



As a healthcare specialist, reaching your prospective customer base is a critical aspect of your practice. However, you are and should be, more focused on delivering optimal healthcare than marketing procedures…


Maximizing Reimbursement

At Peregrine Healthcare, we are devoted to boosting your revenue cycle using automated procedures that have minimal or no interruption to your work schedule. This way, you can focus on delivering top-tier services… READ MORE →

Office-Based Practice

Office-based practices offer many convenience benefits as opposed to traditional hospitals, such as lower operational costs and easier navigation. But did you know that there is another way you can boost financial revenue… READ MORE →

Primary Care

Primary care physicians are the first point of contact in the healthcare system. They oversee day-to-day healthcare delivery services to the patients. Peregrine Healthcare understands the importance of services… READ MORE →


Office-based surgeries are quickly becoming common, especially for straightforward procedures. At Peregrine Healthcare, we ensure that office-based surgery practices have everything they need to operate smoothly…


Urgent Care

Urgent care is a critical aspect of the medical field. Thanks to physicians in this area, you get timely medical attention. However, did you know that there are numerous background processes that ensure every step flows smoothly…


Other Specialties

At Peregrine Healthcare, streamlining your service delivery process is at the top of our priority list. Our suite of tools is designed to make your financial dreams come true. Take, for instance, the stakeholder reporting tool…


Patient Collection

At Peregrine Healthcare, we have a proven track record of producing top-tier results for patient collection. We understand that patient collection is at the core of your practice’s success. Are you in the market for a reliable patient…