Terminating a Payer Contract?

What you should know…

Terminating a provider relationship with a payor requires adherence to your provider contract. Notice must be sent explicitly in line with the obligation for notice (if termination by notice is acceptable) as per the provider agreement between you and the payor. Some plans have language about continuity of care that will need to be looked at as well. It’s likely not as easy as calling the plan and talking to customer service.

Please review your provider contract or send to our attention for a consultation review (we would charge for the time) for assistance in identifying your notice obligation to the carrier. We are happy to assist.

If you are a retainer client this would be a part of your service plan.

Most notices must be mailed with proof of mailing for termination to be properly deemed received. Until such time as you properly terminate your “in network” status, you will have an obligation to adhere to your contractual arrangement and see the payor’s patients for in-network rates (this applies to most carriers and most termination arrangements).

Reach out to us if you need help with this process. 877-463-1110.