Medical Billing Services

Peregrine Healthcare offers Medical Billing Services to increase patient engagement, determine potential problems and ensure effectiveness. Contact us to learn more about our services.

Are you a medical provider seeking to stay up-to-date with regulations and requirements? Peregrine Healthcare offers medical billing services so as to ensure compliance and quality at your healthcare facility. While you focus on delivering quality care effectively, we will assist you in improving your practice’s financial health.

Due to the fact that healthcare is an ever-changing environment, Peregrine Healthcare works with you to ensure the effectiveness in the medical billing audits. Stay up to date with the evolving regulatory requirements and regulations and elevate your practice’s effectiveness.

Medical Billing Audits can:

  • Identify errors in provider documentation
  • Identify inefficiencies in payer reimbursement
  • Determine usage of incorrect medical codes
  • Identify additional revenue

Why you Should Perform Medical Billing Audits

Medical Billing Audits are processes that examine and review documents thoroughly in order to ensure certainty and efficiency. Additionally, audits investigate the reliability of the documents and billing by identifying errors in health records and medical billing data submitted by payers. Performing audits can improve your relationship with payers as you can ensure reliability. Peregrine Healthcare can develop or refine patient balances and collection processes, to protect you against fraudulent claims and billing activities. At Peregrine Healthcare, our experts are dedicated to help you achieve optimal returns.

Medical Billing Services Improve Patient Care

As a healthcare provider, reinforcing patient care should be top priority. Medical Billing Audit Services lead to a relationship improvement with patients, as you can ensure effectiveness when you have the certainty that billing and documentation is in order. Audits can develop or refine patient balances and collection processes, as well as review appropriate adjustments. Peregrine Healthcare can enhance your relationship with patients by guaranteeing that billing and documentation are accurate, while you focus on providing healthcare services. Peregrine Healthcare provides Revenue Cycle Management audits as well as Coding audits to suit your needs.

Improve Your Payer Relationships with Peregrine Healthcare

Because payers prefer claims that are accurately and carefully submitted, the auditing process is a crucial part of building and improving payer relationships. Peregrine Healthcare offers medical billing audits that help ensure all claims are revised and submitted accurately.

Medical Billing Audits Have Several Benefits

Medical billing audits not only work on the identification of errors in documentation, but also aim at the prevention of such errors being repeated. Furthermore, audits determine if you are meeting MGMA National Standards and whether your quantity of RCM staffing personnel is sufficient. Moreover, audits can detect whether your revenue is affected by common billing errors. Avoid these incidents by getting the different services that Peregrine Healthcare provides. Peregrine Healthcare can assist you with Revenue Cycle Management audits and Coding audits.

Revenue Cycle Management Audit

This audit analyzes the Revenue Cycle Management in order to identify issues that need to be corrected following the guidelines set by the Medical Group Management Association. Performing this audit will ensure that the coding is accurate and will eliminate errors. Therefore, there will be improvements in revenue and workflow.

Coding Audit

This audit analyzes the Revenue Cycle Management in depth so as to determine the possibility of imminent issues reappearing in the form of Recovery Audit Contractor audits and determine proper coding relative to the specialty, such as E/M changes. Medical coding audits ensure proper policies and procedures to achieve quality medical coding.

Don’t let common errors prevent you from increasing the profitability of your practice and services. Contact Peregrine Healthcare today to find out more about our medical billing audits.