What Are the 5 P’s of Healthcare Digital Marketing?

The five P’s of healthcare digital marketing represent a strong base on which you can build your advertising strategy. Discover the five P’s of healthcare marketing and how they can help your medical practice.

  • Patients

Today’s patients are more interested in their health, but they are also bombarded with different information from all sides. That’s why they are often quick to dismiss information that doesn’t comply with their current understanding, and many times they are less focused on their needs and more on their concerns.

That’s why your healthcare digital marketing strategy should identify your patient’s most common concerns and address them. That way, you can gain their trust, and they’ll be more likely to use your medical services.

Patients today have more choices than ever. You need to address their problems and concerns to stand apart from the competition and earn their trust. 

  • Physicians

Your marketing strategy may attract patients, but the physicians and quality of care keep them around. That’s why you need to focus on staff training and ensure they provide the best value of care possible.

Consult your physicians regularly to determine whether you should employ new care strategies, procedures, or technology. Then, use their insights to discover how you can help attract more patients. Consider giving them a platform where they can share their experiences and opinions, such as a blog, podcast, or Youtube channel.

Good physicians and a quality level of care will attract more customers to your practice. Leveraging their knowledge and experience could be vital to your healthcare digital marketing strategies.

  • Professional Healthcare Administrators

Healthcare administrators and professionals are as vital to our medical system as physicians. They are in charge of marketing efforts and many other aspects crucial for attracting patients and providing a friendly service.

Healthcare professionals are in charge of vital decisions such as adopting new procedures, negotiating rates, and other essential aspects determining a practice’s long-term success. That’s why you need to keep them happy and influence their work to improve the patient’s experience.

Professional healthcare administrators are usually in charge of digital strategies, and you need to work with them to find new angles to promote your medical practice.

  • Policy Makers

The FDA regulations continuously evolve, impacting how healthcare practices can use digital media to promote their products and services. Not complying with these regulations can lead to costly fines and damage your reputation.

Impacting these decisions is difficult, but your marketing team must be aware of the legislative calendar and work on your advertising strategy around it. 

Policy makers have massive influence over current digital marketing trends, which is why your team must follow the latest legislation and ensure your advertising strategy is compliant.

  • Payers

Payers are the last piece of the healthcare industry puzzle. You must direct part of your marketing efforts to payers, as they are the ones paying for the medical services your patients receive. You can do that through blog posts, testimonials, physician interviews, comprehensive data, facility tours, and more.

Establish a positive relationship with your payers, and your life as a medical practice manager will be much easier.

Healthcare Digital Marketing in Houston, Texas

If you are looking for help with healthcare digital marketing in Houston, Texas, Peregrine Healthcare is here for you. We offer comprehensive marketing services, planning, implementation, and analytics to ensure we influence patients, physicians, professionals, policy makers, and payers. Our extensive experience will help your practice reach its full potential, increase efficiency, and boost revenue.

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