Telehealth Updates Feb 2021

Peregrine’s team participated in a Telehealth Webinar with CMS regarding Telehealth Services and what those services will look like going forward in 2021.

The PHE for these services was extended to December 31, 2021 but CMS did state that at the end of this extended time Telehealth requirements will go back to what they were prior to the PHE. CMS made it very clear that they will be verifying this year that providers are documenting and utilizing the appropriate CPT codes based on services provided. They stated the documentation should include all pertinent details in regards to the telehealth service, see page 62-63 for those requirements and the billed service, CPT code, should match that. As in the past once CMS has set policies in place, the commercial carriers will usually follow suit.
Click the PDF document below and take note of the following pages:
Page 39 – Equipment
Page 62-63 – Documentation
Page 64-66 – Hospital Telehealth
Page 73-74 – E-Visits codes
Page 75-76 – Non-Physician Virtual Check-In codes
Page 77-79 – Telephone Services
CMS also provided the following links for reference.
To view our previous update on Telehealth 2021 from January –
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