Telehealth Updates Jan 2021

Happy New Year! Please review the information gathered/compiled from the top carriers with important information about the continuation of telehealth.
Several carriers explain what is expected when telehealth services are provided; coding, billing and documentation requirements.
We ask that you review to confirm that the proper CPT, diagnosis for telehealth services prior to submission of charges.
Peregrine has reviewed each policy regarding how the carrier is requesting the telehealth services to be billed and have found that UHC, BCBS TX and Tricare, as of 01/01/2021, are requesting the place of service and modifiers to be different than the other carriers. Peregrine is handling this on the billing side prior to submission of charges so there is no interruption in payments being received for these carriers and services.
As for an end date to the telehealth services, Medicare/CMS has approved telehealth as a permanent service; you will find that included in the attached document under Medicare. As for the Commercial carriers, please see our table included with the information where we could find with potential end dates.
As always we are continuing to watch how these carriers are handling the telehealth services and will continue to update as we find pertinent information.
As always if you have any questions, let us know. We are here to help! Please give us a call at 281-463-9955.