One of the biggest credentialing mistakes

One of the biggest credentialing mistakes a provider can make is allowing their CAQH profiles to lapse.
  • CAQH is used by many top payors to obtain your professional and practice information for credentialing and recredentialing purposes.
  • It is critical to maintain the accuracy of your information in CAQH by reviewing and attesting the profile at least every 120 days (180 days for providers in Illinois).
  • If plans attempt to review your profile and it is not attested, it may lead to the plan terminating your participation status.
  • Visit CAQH and ensure your provider information is up-to-date.

Don’t have the trained staff to complete CAQH?

Peregrine offers Credentialing Services

For those physicians who don’t have the time or the staff able to handle the research needed to meet hospital or insurance credentialing requirements, Peregrine can help. Whether it be working with the growing demands of Medicare or filling out your credentialing and appointment applications and sending it off to a new insurance company or hospital, our team can make sure your information is kept up-to-date to meet the needs of healthcare today.

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