New Year Checklist

Patient Demographics Update:

  • Verify patient address, phone number, email address and emergency contact information
  • Verify Referring and/or PCP Information
  • Verify ABN on file, if necessary
  • Obtain new copies of driver license or state ID card
  • Obtain new HIPAA, financial policies and medical history updates
  • Obtain a social security number (this helps in a collection agency situation)

Patient Insurance Update:

  • Copy new insurance card; front and back
  • Verify network coverage, eligibility and benefits for specific lines of services


  • Call regarding new networks
  • Verify new deductibles, co-insurances and copays, store in the software system
  • Verify effective and possible end dates, store in the software system
  • Verify in network status versus out of network status per provider per practice location
  • Remind patients they should know their benefits and also confirm in network status


  • Make sure to get each patient authorized for services 

Credit Card on File:

  • Obtain software which helps store credit cards and enter a credit card for each patient
  • Form for the patient to sign to store the card and run once the insurance process for payment 

Front End Collections:  

  • When calling for appointment reminders, include if a balance is outstanding and how much the patient is expected to bring
  • Check for patient balances when the patient makes an appointment and notify them that their payment is due when they come in to see the doctor 
  • Provide additional training so the front desk staff can clearly explain why a balance is owed and why it needs to be paid

You Take Care of the Patients, We Take Care of the Providers