How to Successfully Collect From Patients At the Time of Service

Simple Tips to Help Your Front Office Staff  
  • Have signs and posters in the reception area that clearly state “Payment is due at time of service”.
  • Ask “how would you like to pay today?” rather than, “would you like to pay today?” You could say “will it be cask, check, or credit card?”
  • Reinforce the expectation that patients must pay at the time of service. This should be through letters, practice brochure, the website, appointment confirmation calls, as well as registration forms that patients have to complete. All of these should include a statement that the payment is expected at their visit. The more it is stated the more the patient will know what is expected.
  • Have a financial advocate that is available if patients want to ask questions or go into depth about their financial situation. This shows the practice is serious about resolving any payment issues and handles it privately. 
  • “Thank you Mr./Mrs. (patient’s name) for your payment. If there is a balance left after your insurance company has paid, we will send you a statement for the amount due. Our policy requires that any billed amounts owed are to be paid within 10 days of receiving the bill. We appreciate your time and cooperation.”
  • “Mr./Mrs. (patient’s name), I understand your concern, but the procedures of this practice have changed due to rising costs. Paying at the time of service prevents our administrative costs from rising so we don’t have to charge more for our services.
Needless to say, your front office staff should be well trained in patient service. Finding the right staff to handle this job is key!
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