Get Your Front Office Ready for January

Make sure all Front Office Staff is prepared for January 2023.

Each of these steps will help avoid issues within the Revenue Cycle.

Patient Demographics Update:

  • Verify patient address, phone number, email address and emergency contact information
  • Verify Referring and/or PCP Information
  • Verify ABN on file, if necessary
  • Obtain new copies of driver license or state ID card
  • Obtain new HIPAA, financial policies and medical history updates
  • Obtain a social security number (this helps in a collection agency situation)

Patient Insurance Update:

  • Copy new insurance card; front and back
  • NOTE: Digital ID cards are here for some major plans. Get a copy front and back by scanning the front and back from their phone; have the patient upload to their health portal; email the ID card image to your email address. Also you could ask the patient to bring a printed copy to their appointment.
  • Verify network coverage, eligibility and benefits for specific lines of services


  • Call regarding new networks
  • Verify new deductibles, co-insurances and copays, store in the software system
  • Verify effective and possible end dates, store in the software system
  • Verify in network status versus out of network status per provider, per practice location
  • Remind patients they should know their benefits and also confirm in network status


  • Make sure to get each patient authorized for services. Just because they were authorized in December does not mean they will be in January.

Credit Card on File:

  • Obtain software which helps store credit cards and enter a credit card for each patient
  • Form for the patient to sign to store the card and run once the insurance process for payment 

Front End Collections:  

  • When calling for appointment reminders, include if a balance is outstanding and how much the patient is expected to bring to their appointment.
  • Check for patient balances when the patient makes an appointment and notify them that their payment is due when they come in to see the doctor 
  • Provide additional training so the front desk staff can clearly explain why a balance is owed and why it needs to be paid.

You Take Care of the Patients, We Take Care of the Providers


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