Avoiding Office Politics

We get questions frequently about how to address situations in the office. This one comes up frequently related to the drama it can create in an office.
You’re in the office and you overhear a conversation between two of your fellow coworkers. They are gossiping about another coworker. You, hearing the conversation are not sure what to do. Should you step in and tell them that it is not appropriate or……?
Office politics can entail anything from differences in opinions to simply just trying to portray others in a bad light. This can also include talking about present day politics and opinions; there is just no need to bring that up in the workplace.
Office managers should address these situations head on at the beginning and eliminate this issue. A negative work environment is something that is hard to get rid of once it has started. If coworkers or patients sense conflict, it can negatively affect their mood as well as foster an unhealthy work environment. This can cause patients to lose trust and respect for which leads to dissatisfied patients and a poor reflection on the company. Once conflict has made its way in the workplace, it takes away from the company’s priorities like the tasks at hand and the patient’s needs.
How to approach/prevent office politics for the co-worker:
  • Employees should walk away from the situation.
  • Focus on the company’s goals as well as your own personal goals
  • Be positive and confident in every task and interaction
  • Be respectful and professional in every encounter with a patient or another coworker
  • If a coworker or employee continues with this behavior, a timed discipline plan must be put into place immediately to avoid the negativity from spreading to others.