Doesn't outsourcing my RCM mean I have to turn-over control of my revenue and my billings?
Absolutely not!   All payments will continue to be sent straight to your office or directly deposited into your account(s). You will have direct access to your account information by logging into the billing system, viewing standard monthly reports or speaking directly to your Peregrine representative.   The cornerstone of our client relationships is complete transparency and disclosure.  It is our goal to create the relationship of being an extension of your office.
How much does your RCM service cost?
Peregrine’s fee is based simply on a percentage of your net collections. The contracted percentage will be based on volume, average adjusted charges, provider specialty and electronic interface capabilities, etc.  Percentage based billing creates the incentive for us to make sure we collect every dollar possible for our clients.   It’s simple; we don’t get paid until you get paid.  This means we have a personal investment in your success!
How is my patient information kept secure?
All RCM staff are HIPAA trained and have duly signed non-disclosure agreements with the Company.  All information received from our clients is guaranteed to be used for the purposes of claim submittals only.  All e-mails are protected with passwords.  We do not allow external storage devices to be used.  Our secured server holds all electronically shared information while all physical documents are locked in secured cabinets.  Antivirus software is installed and maintained.  All work is performed in the United States.
How frequently will my claims be submitted?
We understand that the strength of your revenue stream is directly related to the frequency of claims submittal.  We will submit your claims daily to keep your cash flow flowing!
How are rejected claims handled?
If a denial is received, our staff will review the denial, resolve any issues and resubmit the claim for payment. 
Do you send out patient statements?  What do you do if payment is not received?
Yes.  Patient statements are typically sent out on a monthly 28 day cycle.   You will determine the collection time your patients will be given to make payment.  If payment is not received on or before that time frame expires, you will be provided with a list for approval before any information is forwarded to our collection agency for handling.
What is your performance percentage for Days Receivable Outstanding? 
The National Average for Days Outstanding is 45-52 days.  Peregrine’s average is 33 days.

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