Even experienced administrators are challenged by the coding issues, rules and deadlines that have overtaken healthcare. And often, less experienced staff are not confident enough to challenge a denied claim or underpaid/incorrectly paid claim. With an average error rate of 20 percent for submitted claims, these mistakes cost both time and money. Worst of all, you may not even fully realize the impact of coding errors and irregularities within your own practice, and the revenue that is lost when your medical billing and coding system isn’t optimized to the ever-changing codes and rules. Our proven medical billing system ensures that you maximize revenue.

Peregrine Healthcare’s Revenue Cycle Management Services offers the option to use:

  • Your practice management software that you already have in office. We are well versed in many different products out there in the healthcare market.
  • Our web-based practice management software:
    • Offering a full practice management suite, including scheduling and eligibility 
    • Optional Electronic Health Record

Either way, you get "well done" service for a "rare" price, that includes the following:

  • Outstanding balance follow up with both insurance companies and patients
  • Immediate audit and appeals on denied or down-coded claims
  • Timely claims submission
  • Electronic and paper claims submission
  • Direct deposits to your business account or lock box
  • Collection letters, phone calls, coordination with collection agency
  • Patient and Provider customer service line  
  • Monthly, quarterly and yearly reporting

Don't have a Certified Professional Coder (CPC) on staff?  Don't worry...We do...Several as a matter of fact.  We offer optional coding services for an additional fee.  We also handle coding audits and physician training for companies who are having difficulty getting their claims paid.

All services are HIPAA compliant and all Peregrine employees are based in the United States.

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Revenue Cycle Management
The outcome to switching to Peregrine's proven Revenue Cycle Management system for your medical billing is faster payments, increased collection rates and positive insight to your practice's performance.

Credentialing Services
Does working with NPPES, CAQH, filling out a 28 page Standardized Credentialing Application or working with any of the many named branches of Medicare, sound foreign to you or down right tedious?

In today's changing healthcare climate, your practice must not merely scrape by but should be able to adapt to the change on the horizon. We can provide strategic planning and full scale practice solutions to manage the entire process.

Managed care contracts are a reality in todays medical practice. Peregrine's expert contract negotiators can potentially increase your practices profitability by thousands or even millions of dollars.