Credentialing Services

For those physicians who don’t have the time or the staff able to handle the research needed to meet hospital or insurance credentialing requirements, Peregrine can help. Whether it be working with the growing demands of Medicare or filling out your credentialing and appointment applications and sending it off to a new insurance company or hospital, our team can make sure your information is kept up-to-date to meet the needs of healthcare today.

If you are a new start up practice, we can help get you on the right track from the beginning. From starting your corporation, getting your Medicare and NPI numbers, to getting your contracted with the numerous managed care entities, we take all of the steps needed to get you going.  We're here for you. 

Peregrine also partners with Going Brothers, a financial planning company for physicians, to help you plan for the future with debt management and asset planning strategies to succeed.

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Revenue Cycle Management
The outcome to switching to Peregrine's proven Revenue Cycle Management system for your medical billing is faster payments, increased collection rates and positive insight to your practice's performance.

Credentialing Services
Does working with NPPES, CAQH, filling out a 28 page Standardized Credentialing Application or working with any of the many named branches of Medicare, sound foreign to you or down right tedious?

In today's changing healthcare climate, your practice must not merely scrape by but should be able to adapt to the change on the horizon. We can provide strategic planning and full scale practice solutions to manage the entire process.

Managed care contracts are a reality in todays medical practice. Peregrine's expert contract negotiators can potentially increase your practices profitability by thousands or even millions of dollars.